Friday, September 19, 2008

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh yeah -.- shifted again


in case you guys think that I disappeared

Sunday, February 24, 2008

For the bored people

Tagged by Dionne (not supposed to reveal her link here, its private :-)

1. Get a book, the nearest one to you which is of at least 123 pages. (and maybe with at least 8 sentences a page!)
2. Turn to page 123
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the next 3 sentences
5. Tag 3 people


Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood (I'm currently onto its 5th page only!)

"Oryx shook her head for no. No tigers. "What were these animals then?" Jimmy wanted to know."

Alright. -.-

It seems like our dear Marge is a novelist who uses extremely short sentences.


Hey, I find that she writes quite the same style as I do. (The use of 'matter-of-factly' sentences to achieve a certain mood) I think I'll go back to reading this book. And I think it would be a great book even though its a little 'sci-fi', without the aliens.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Photos look so much better on blogger-- though not as much if you want your photos to be the main subject.

I'm here because yh forced me to blog and listen here-- I DON'T LIKE IT. (kidding :p)

I guess time will come when you no longer feel the urge to talk about yourself, bits and pieces of your life that you find interesting, your viewpoints on issues that interest you. Not that you think that your opinions are not worth relating to readers or that the talk about your daily life goes down to mundanities-- you just don't feel the urge to talk about yourself anymore.

You don't feel the desire to create a shell of your real self on the net. Its not a 'I-woke-up-and-I-suddenly-felt-like-jumping-off-the-tower-block' kinda thing but its a process where you drift away gradually.

Now I understand.

Its everywhere. In relationships, in hobbies, its even shown in the school's attendance list-- when you take a day off, you start taking 2 days off, then 3, then 4. Several weeks or months later, you'll not be there anymore.

But, but.

I'll stil be here and, yes, I'll still be here.

I'll toil and dragggg myself here even with tons of iron blocks tied up to my feet, but you have to wait, because, you know, it takes days for me to drag it alllllll up from the ground to the top of Mount Everrest.

Selected photos from Feb 13th to Feb 23

Just realised that people without flickr accounts can't see my photos! (because I've locked it) Well, here are my recent favourites.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Feel the lack of motivation to blog. Hm, and yet I'm blogging here.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

10 posts in a post. Lethargy and Exhaustion as excuses

A dreaded lethargy to blog, though I have 10 gigabytes of information stored up in my head that could make 'bloggable' information.

Hm, I often store parts of lyrics, as well as thoughts that 'pop' up in my head in my phone's draft messages. Lemme see.

1. Debbie Fleming Ce (A photographer whom I forgot her last name! I was storing it up to check her out on google)

2. Future seems like the present, present seems like the future. (This is often how I feel. That accounts for my lethargy, my procrastination and blah)

3. Its a happy day and things are getting better (a song lyrics that I was gonna check out the song on google when I get home but never did)

4. More likely to go into stores with white tiles than black ones (my practical theory that white/ lighter coloured tiles are more welcoming to shoppers. And its true if you imagine it)

5. I bought jellies and __, connect with childhood (Was thinking of recounting my day in an emo way, but never got around to doing so.)

6. Love the sound of the ambulance (An ambulance drove past and I loved the sense of emergency and the theme of life and death. I’ve always thought that if I were not going to be a journalist, I would be an A&E surgeon.)

7. No logic at all, bus driving on the left side of the road, passengers sit towards the left side of the bus’ seats. (It’s true, when I was on the top of the double deck, everyone who came up sat on the left side until it was 90% full. It’s uncanny. I think this phenomenon is enough for me to write a book on it)

8. Cut queue= step migration. (was really pissed with this guy who cut my queue and started thinking of him in a funny way/ Think of the world as a body and its parts as organs. (Was going to expound on this idea on a post, but didn’t have the time and energy or perhaps brainpower to do so)

9. Logic is gone, dream became pretty (This one, I forgot what its about)

10. With wisdom comes naivety. (It’s true. You want to go back to the past and it would go around a full cycle again. )

Okay, I’ll do 10 today, see, I’m already exhausted. But I’m ‘impressed’ by the store of information in my phone. Its flabbergasting, maybe I should blog some one day. 